Katesgrove Residents Association was founded on Thursday 7th October 1971 and meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month at 19:30 at the Waterloo Meadows Childrens Centre, off Elgar Road. Its objectives are to foster interest in preserving the character of Katesgrove and to support the rights and interests of residents.

We hold a Spring Fair on the first Monday in May each year on Waterloo Meadows, based around Waterloo Meadows Childrens Centre. We usually hold a Christmas Fayre at Waterloo Meadows Childrens Centre in the run up to the festive season. The date depends on hall availability.

Regular activities include a knitting club at Waterloo Meadows Childrens Centre every Tuesday between 1pm and 2pm, at a cost of 50p per meeting, and this is followed by a coffee afternoon between 2pm and 3pm at a cost of £1 per meeting.There is a general meeting at Waterloo Meadows Childrens Centre on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm.

We are part of the Wider MAPP Partnership, which has built a centre for its 3 component organisations - Reading PHAB Club, the Apollo Youth Club and the Mary Seacole Day Nursery. This project also included the refurbishment of the British School on Southampton Street, but this has since been switched to converting the building to flats, and this project has itself stalled.

For information, please contact David on +44 (0) 118 957 4778 or email.