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A Map of Katesgrove British School MAPP Centre Women's Information Centre and Reading Council fo Racial Equality Whitley Pump Mary Russel Mitfords's House Waterloo Meadows 'The Tank' Waterloo Meadows Children's Centre Christchurch St Giles Church Hindu_temple Hook and Tackle Red Lion Great Expectations Hop Leaf Pheasant Red Cow Turks Woodley Arms Christchurch Centre Rising Sun South Street Arts Centre Makro Car Park A
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Katesgrove is bounded by the Inner Distribution Road from where it crosses the Kennet and along Queens Road, south along Sidmouth Street and then up Kendrick Road (including Mansfield Hall), across Christchurch Road to Christchurch Gardens and down Northumberland Avenue as far as the roundabout at the junction with Long Barn Lane. From here it goes along Long Barn Lane to Basingstoke Road, then south to Rose Kiln Lane and then out to the bridge over the Kennet. The Kennet from here to the IDR is the remainder of the boundary.

Places of Interest