Who Is Mary Seacole?

Mary Seacole was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805 and died in England in 1881. She is buried in St. Mary's catholic cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green, London. Mary was an avid traveller, skilled nurse, writer and healer. During her extensive travels to inhospitable environments in Nassau, Panama, Haiti and Cuba, she learnt to care for people with many tropical diseases, updating her medical skills and developing Her own remedies of healing herbs and local plants.

It was these skills, among others, than Mary used to such good effect in the Crimean War (1855-1856) on the wounded servicemen there. At the end the war, she came back to London and became a 'media star' due to her widely acclaimed work, which had been fully reported in the London newspapers. Her autobiography became a best seller.

Her life also demonstrates that black women do not lack heroines or role models. However, we need to rescue them from the shadows of selective history.

Mary Seacole Day Nursery is dedicated to this black woman of remarkable will, talent and courage who certainly never thought the words "can't" and "no" applied to her ambitions.